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then why doesnt he do anthing to make me feel special? I do tons of stuff for him...well, I used to. I had to step back because I was the only one in our relationship putting forth an effort. He only gave me flowers 2 or 3 times and thats only because I asked for them. He has never taken me to  really nice resturant. I mean we go to chili's or apple bees but no place really nice. I used to make him breakfast in bed, lay out his clothes for work, give him little cute notes but I had to stop all that because he wasnt doing anything to make me feel special. I dont even want to have sex with him. Dont get me wrong I do enjoy it but he doesnt really do anything to deserve it. He has alot of good qualities and he's a good guy but has no idea how to be a in a relationship!!! I've told him over and over again how I feel about this, we've even been to counseling but he still hasn't changed. I can feel myself getting bitter towards him.

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